Herge’s Pirouette


A couple told me that they have come here all the way from Murray Bridge to get a sausage roll. And that they have a granddaughter who is a devil for reading. The book she wants is the one about the little girl who does the pirouettes! Over and over and over she does the pirouettes out in the never never and it is hilarious. Would I happen to have it? I didn’t.

They were also anxious to get some:’Rin Tin Tin, hard to find these days but very good comics’. They were so happy describing the little girl doing the pirouettes in the desert and the Rin Tin Tin comic books! And they were all the time anticipating a good lunch at the bakery next door. She said that food and books go together and he said that books go well with a gin and tonic.

Later as I was closing I told Steve about the flooding here last week and he told me that he’s glad he shifted up near the water tower because at least he is safe there. The people in the house that he was in before would have been completely underwater, at least he hoped so. Then he drove off in his gopher with two more James Patterson paperbacks jumping about in the front basket. He reads Westerns and Alistair Mclean and James Patterson. He says that nearly everything else is shit. I asked him has he read the Tin Tin books and he said that they sound like shit too!

Photography by Rubee Hood







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