Ashes Sitoula

Today a customer told me that Modesitt is a very good writer. In his last book he writes from both sides, from the side of chaos and the side of order, it’s brilliant.

‘I can’t tell you how he does it. Asimov is good too. Did you know he was an astrophysicist? Brilliant, brilliant! I can’t possible explain to you how this works…..writing from the side of chaos and then from the other side, but the books can be read over and over. I highly recommend you try one. They are just brilliant.’

This customer used his hands to demonstrate exactly how brilliant the books of Modesitt are, waving strongly and holding them wide apart to indicate quality.

I promised that I would try one.

Then he left, triumphant to have added another Modesitt novel to his science fiction collection.

(Photography by Ashes Sitoula)



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