Coloured Glass and Noise going Past


Charlotte is a young reader who can stretch her eyeballs as she speaks in order to emphasise a point. She said, ‘Reading makes everything bigger than it seems. People don’t understand this. It is like looking through green glasses. Then through blue and then red. Then you can do two colours together. This is like reading. Instead of seeing less, you see more. I was also wondering if you have any of The Mortal Instruments

I have been asked: Do you think that you might get tired of this one day…….just sitting in a shop and not doing anything else? Just a shop. Everything going on outside and you just watching….is is like that?

Yes it is.

Frank came in today and told me that he is dying. He could not breathe well. He gave me two of his hand bound books because, he said, ‘You have been my friend.’

No, not everything is just noise going past.


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