The Opera of Water

Tim Mossholder

A young customer told me this today:

‘When I read, I can’t hear that well, and it makes mum mad. But I always read at least 20 pages. I just love to read, and when I get home from school I first organise all my books again because I like to move them around. And display them differently. I like to have the ones that are all the same size next to each other. It’s annoying when I get a series, and they’re not the same size. But the colours look good in my room, all the books and that. It’s like a waterfall or something, the way they go high up in stacks, up and down the shelves. I’m getting a new shelf soon. That’s for all the ones under my bed. The reason I can’t hear mum is because the books, no the story, makes a noise in my head, and it’s loud. You know when you are near the beach, near the rocks, and the water is loud. But you still can hear stuff. It’s like that. But when I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I couldn’t hear anything…..’



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