Reading the Blue and Green of Depths



Adult readers talk about getting through a book. Young readers do not. They talk about what they are reading. We adults gain an accomplishment when we complete a book but the other type of reading must gain the actual book.

Today in the shop:

‘Do you still have my list of the Herge books I want? I saw one in Tasmania but dad didn’t get it. Here’s what I need: Tintin in Tibet which has snow on the front and Tintin in the Congo which has trees on the front. Also Herge and his Creation which is by Harry Thompson and is about Herge who came from Belgium. I will give you my phone number so you can ring me about them.’

‘In this Star Wars book there is a drawing of the Millennium Falcon and around here and underneath it is really small, but you can see this picture of the droid, right here, well……that droid is R2D2 and this part here is where he rides. He is attached in there. Here, I’ll just show you some more stuff…’

‘I liked all of the Harry Potter books. But I didn’t like book four.’

Today I had requests for Flannery O’Connor, Wolf Hall, The Cattle King, the Inkheart trilogy, The Wounded Woman and anything about the Bermuda Triangle. Also the complete series of Spiderwick and anything else as good as those…

A child brought me Glass Tears from the table and told me that the author, Jane Jolly, came to her school and did reading. And that this book was one of her own actuals.

Serenity opened the door to tell that school holidays have started.

Elaine picked up her copy of Hunting with Eagles, a Christmas present she bought for herself.

Malachi came in to see if The Way of the Shadows had arrived but it hadn’t and he said that soon he will die because the book is taking so long.

I was warned not to miss Emile Zola and the best one to start reading is Earth I promised to begin immediately.

George came in and we had a long conversation about Reading Lolita in Tehran. I said that I want to know more about Henry James.  A young reader of Geronimo Stilton told me that he read the Geronimo Stilton books not to see what happened in the books but to see what happened to him when he read them. So now I tell George that that I want to know more about Henry James and that I was going to read Washington Square again and see what happened….to me.

Reading the blue and green of depths. This means reading downward, inward, unable to contemplate selections beyond our own tremendous choices, volumes that fit no other archive but our own.






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