Leon’s Lights

Greg Rakozy

Leon has just been into the shop today to describe the weather in case I missed out on it. He also told me he is not making much headway with Twilight (even though it is such a Great Book) but that it was no wonder with the weather like it is.

I said it was a quiet day; the weather was why nobody had been in perhaps.

He reminded me that he was in. And not to let the weather bother me.

He asked me why I took so long to read everything, why was I still reading Lolita in Tehran…I said that I was not a fast reader and I had to re-read things all the time. I was re reading the part in this book about The Great Gatsby which I had read in school and hadn’t liked very much.

Leon then told me that he saw that film on DVD, about that rich fool and the green lights on the jetty, died in a swimming pool. Died for his dream and that.

He said that he wouldn’t die for any dream – but his dream would be to not have Crohn’s disease or schizophrenia. The reason he wouldn’t die for them is that they would kill him anyway. He said that some dreams just ruin everything else and better to keep your eyes on the road and what did I think was my dream?

I said that I hoped that my bookshop might survive.

He thought this was hilarious and said of course it will. He offered to buy a copy of The Great Gatsby to help things along.

I said there was no need and he answered, as he left, that it was lucky he didn’t need to get one as Twilight was a better book anyway.


Photography by Greg Rakozy

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