What I Thought I Knew

Jeremy Bishop


A Canadian visitor to my shop asked me for a copy of Storm Boy which he had looked for everywhere in Goolwa and could not find. He told me that Storm Boy is regarded in Canada as one of the most significant books from South Australia. He also showed me a piece of text on his phone that was written by Colin Thiele and said that  what he thought he knew about the sea was no longer; that after he read this he had to go back down to the ocean and think about the sea all over again.


“The green sea swept into the shallows and seethed there like slaking quicklime. It surged over the rocks, tossing up spangles of water like a juggler and catching them deftly again behind. It raced knee-deep through the clefts and crevices, twisted and tortured in a thousand ways, till it swept nuzzling and sucking into the holes at the base of the cliff. The whole reef was a shambles of foam, but it was bright in the sun, bright as a shattered mirror, exuberant and leaping with light.”

 Colin Thiele

(Photography by Jeremy Bishop)


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