Yes, I am a Dreamer



A young mum asked me if I thought that books would become obsolete. But her son, about 10 years old, answered her before I could:

‘No, I think that most of the books will just go back to the library and go back on the right shelves.’

Lucas collects books in strict format and is anxious to add all of the volumes in a set to his own library as quickly as possible. Today he is feeling brilliant because he found two volumes of Boy and Beast at the back of a shelf after I told him that I thought that I didn’t have any. He said:

‘I didn’t look until the very last minute at the back of the shelf, it is incredible, and I found these and also volume three and four of Zac Powers and it is the Mega Missions. I really wish that all the Star Wars stuff would get with the Beast Quest books and have the same stories. I know how it would happen, with Darth Vader and that. The stories would be so cool and then they could still just have the Star Wars books if they wanted to. But sometimes they should let the Star Wars people out and let them go into other books. At school the teacher says to write my own ideas and have my own ideas but that IS my idea. So at home I let my Star Wars books be next to Beast Quest and also next to Sea Quest.’

“Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight……………..”  Oscar Wilde, The Critic as Artist

Photography by Pawel Kadysz

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