Why is that baby staring at the cat?



A lady said to me: I love reading to my grandchild, we share such a thing and I’m building a library just for her. At the moment of course it is all about Hairy Maclary. I have been reading to her since she was born.

A father says: pop it back please, just pop the book back. The child says: but it is a rabbit. The father says: no, no, no…

A couple came in and he said to me that the Angus is up. And that he likes big weather and big women equally. His wife told him that he is not in the least funny and he went off apologetically to find some James Bond novels. She bought The Feminist Companion to Literature in English and I thought she glanced at his James Bond choices with contempt.

There is a pram parked next to the window and its tiny occupant is staring without blinking at the wooden cat in the window. After five minutes, when I look out, the pram is still there and the child is still staring at the cat. Another child inside says to me: why is that baby staring at the cat? Do they think it is real?

A small boy corrected me in detail. – This is how the Treehouse books are: There is no 59 Storey Treehouse, you got that wrong. It is The 52 Storey Treehouse and then The 65 Storey Treehouse. There is also The 39 Storey Treehouse and The 26 Storey Treehouse and The 13 Storey Treehouse.  His sister said: how do you know all this stuff? And he replied: I don’t know. She said to me that he reads a lot and he asked her if he could drink the rest of her Fanta.

Their dad says: can you guys please make a decision, I don’t have much time and the boy says – but dad, there are the Dune books right there! And his father says: shit! Where?

Through the window I see people bent heroically against the wind. It is still raining.

8 thoughts on “Why is that baby staring at the cat?

  1. Haha, love your anecdotes. Still no email subscription? Or have I missed it.

    I loved the story about the wife’s “politically correct” purchase and looking askance at her husband’s Bond one. I know several couple whose reading is diverse, usually with the husband reading the genre escapist fiction and the wife the more “serious”. I know the reverse situation is often true, too, but in the end the point, as we like to say, is that they’re all reading, eh?

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    1. Hi, to follow by email, apparently this option should have come up when you clicked to follow me. You should have been prompted to add an email address? Whenever anybody posts that I am following, I get an email automatically. I am unsure why you cannot receive anything form me. And yes, you are right: at least they are all reading. I have learned here that reading is profoundly individual and our choices difficult to explain…


      1. I will check again. Some blogs I sign up for seem to default to one or the other, and if they’re WordPress they usually assume email for me, but there is a place I can check and change so will track that down on my laptop. It’s not here in the app on my iPad.


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