I think you are getting bored with your books…


“I have my softcovers and my hardcovers and half of them are in Dutch…I like to read a book in Dutch and then in English, possibly at the same time.”

This customer, yesterday morning, lined up two books side by side and showed me how she reads them. She said that her children thought she was magic.

Today there is an older couple, he is on the phone. He is asking somebody,  perhaps a grandchild, if she would like to read Treasure Island but the child is perhaps saying that she would prefer Harry Potter. She is asked if he might be getting bored with Harry Potter and the child insists she is not bored with Harry Potter. But the man insists that she is. He suggests that she is getting bored with all the books she chooses.

So he chooses Treasure Island. He tells me that she is 11 and that is the right age to read Treasure Island. Indeed, he himself read that book when he was 11. He tells me that their granddaughter is getting bored with Harry Potter.

A young woman is looking through the window from outside and she tells her mother that Titanic Lives looks interesting. Her mother asks her why, they continue down the street with their shopping and their talk of Titanic Lives.

I am asked for anything by Jodi Piccoult, Stephen King, Kate Forsyth and also The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy.

The grandparents of the child who does not really want to read Treasure Island are arguing in the front room.

Robert is here, he is reading Goethe, from the Britannica Great Books Series.

Sarah is reading The Complete Narnia.

Andrew is reading The Silmarillion.

I am reading The Journal to Stella.

Dale is reading The Spiderwick Field Guide.

I am asked if I might have a Christmas tree and when I will put it up in the shop.

Kay orders The Silver Brumby.

A young reader tells me the complete plot of Dune by Frank Herbert. This takes more than an hour.

A lady looks at a biography of Vincent van Gough and says he looks like an old fury.

The couple with the copy of Treasure Island they bought for their granddaughter who does not really want to read it are leaving. They are arguing about a copy of The Battle For Rondo – he says it does not look very good so they are not going to buy it. They move out and across the road and he is still explaining why The Battle For Rondo is not very good.

2 thoughts on “I think you are getting bored with your books…

  1. I so agree with you – there are many older readers who, with the best intentions, try to take responsibility for the reading choices of younger readers, not realising that the best young readers are those that make those decisions for themselves. And yet, older readers actually do have the most profound influence on reading within their younger families if they just read and read and love it and share it. That’s all that needs to be done. Everyday here I learn something new 🙂

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