Book rehab…


There is a man outside the shop securing a load of permapine poles onto his trailer, it is hot and he is hot, everyone outside is walking around leaning against the heat and with their eyes half shut. Inside the shop, a man is standing against the counter and complaining that when his wife is finished he will need a trailer for all the books she buys. He calls out the door to the man with the trailer: tie them on tighter than that, mate!
But nobody hears him.
His wife is looking for some really good reading. He tells her to try Clive Cussler but she is not listening to him.
He tells me that there should be a place called book rehab for all the people that cannot stop reading books. He is pleased with this idea and repeats it again. His wife comes back to the counter with only four books and he is disappointed. He had thought she might get more than that! He tells her, anyway, that she might consider book rehab and she looks at him fondly and says: that’s a good one.
Then he is as pleased as anything. He admires her books, he carries them for her, he opens the door for her and attends her through it and into the next hours of their life and as they leave the shop, he is saying to her: do you think that book rehab is a real thing?
And she is looking at him as though he were the king of the world, which he is.


4 thoughts on “Book rehab…

  1. Hi Kerry,

    Loved what that gentleman said about ‘A Book Rehab’.

    I wish I could every minute and second of everyday.

    Unfortunately, the responsibilities of motherhood and wife hood takes precedent over the leisure of reading.

    This year of 2018, I am going to carve out 1 hour each day to read in silence. That will be my ‘Book Rehab’ time to renew my soul and mind and recharge for the next day’s responsibilities.

    Thank you for the post, and also the gentleman who coined that phrase. I love it!!

    Lv Sharon

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