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“There’s no spectacle that is as terrifying as the sight of a guest in your house whom you catch staring at your books. It is not the judgmental possibility that is frightening. The fact that one’s sense of discrimination is exposed by his books. Indeed, most people would much prefer to see the guest first scan, then peer and turn away in boredom or disapproval. Alas, too often the eyes, dark with calculation, shift from title to title as from floozie to floozie in an overheated dance hall. Nor is that the worst.

It is when those eyes stop moving that the heart, too, stops. The guest’s body twitches; his hand floats up to where his eyes have led it. There is nothing to be done. You freeze. He smiles. You hear the question even as it forms:  Would you mind if I borrowed this book?”

Roger Rosenblatt, Bibliomania

8 thoughts on “Bibliomania

  1. Terrifying? No, no…it’s intriguing to watch a guest check your books out and see their reactions. It’s like a little glimpse into their soul, and full of the possibilities of a new and interesting relationship…

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  2. I’m not overly concerned when someone checks out my book collection, but I get what you mean. You are sort of naked – your sensibilities, your political leanings, your level of nerdom. It’s a window into who you are before ever a word is said and that’s not always an easy thing to contend with.

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    1. I like that way you worded that. I always wonder what people are thinking when they look at my library at home, at the sheer number of books piled around the place, at the “level of nerdom…”


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