Reading in the Dark


Jacqui is 83 and she visited the shop this morning looking for books about the history of Adelaide. She told me that when she was young, she read in the dark for most of the night because there was no other times that she was allowed to read. I asked her how she saw the page in the dark and she said she could find little bits of light anywhere, by the window, through the crack of another door – she would stand by that door to angle the light on her page. She just wouldn’t give up until she had finished the book. I have no books on the history of Adelaide, but she said never mind, she would not give up, then she said goodbye and went back to her bus.




2 thoughts on “Reading in the Dark

  1. I can relate, having spent many a night as a child reading under the bedcovers with the aid of a torch. No wonder Mum couldn’t get me out of bed to go to school. I still read late into the night, but it doesn’t matter any more because I’m retired and can get out of bed when I damn well please!

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