The Frog

Glass Baron.png

When the door opened this quickly I thought the man was falling through the door. But he didn’t. He had an armful of paper bags from the bakery and a vigorous attitude and he said how great it is to see bookshops still here, so good, so good.

After a while he came back to the counter and asked me if I knew about the frog…but I didn’t. He said that he knew of a little girl who sat on her grandfather’s knee and asked him to croak and he asked her why. And she said that grandma had told her that when grandad croaks they were all going to Disneyland! Then he said: here’s another if you can be bothered and he told me three more jokes and then said not to worry as most people don’t like curly hair when they have it!

Then he said he was just passing through this country but would be back, he would be back for sure, please stay here!


Glass sculpture by Glass Baron

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