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There is a new customer here today, a child, a boy who has sat reading though three volumes of Minecraft while his mother is in plays and poetry. He eventually came to the counter and held up the books. He said that his brother reads them but really only looks at the pictures. He smiles at me, thinking  of someone so little as to only look at the pictures.

He tells me that Minecraft is about Vikings and swords and armour and trading. You have to trade. He says that it’s history without you knowing. His face is lit with ideas and kindness, wanting to share, hoping I would get it. He said that reading the Minecraft books made him want to read Emily Rodda and Rowan.

He tells me there are stones and ropes and you have to help yourself, it’s about the old days and it’s clever. Some kids just play it. But you have to know that it’s history without saying it. I know about the history. Then you will get it. You can build with it, build things like Rome.

3 thoughts on “Rome

  1. I believe seeing that little boy reading books must be so satisfying! This post somehow fills me up with warmth when I think about the conversation you had with the the little boy.

    Enigma 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your comment and your enthusiasm. You are right, it is satisfying because I see (every day) that the assumption that young people no longer read is completely wrong! 🙂


      1. You are doing a great job with your shop! I hope you do well. The assumption is just based on stereotypes so there is no point in accepting it.

        Enigma 🙂

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