Children hopping about


During the school holidays, a young father came in with his children who did not want help. One boy chose Star Wars and one chose Tintin. They made their decisions in minutes but dad dithered in art and then swung uselessly about in crime. Still no choice. The children, authorities, sat under the table and read patiently. They talked amongst themselves about The Tree House, then about Bigfoot, then about Harry Potter. They were eating lollies from a plastic bag. Finally they all gathered around me to purchase their books. Dad had not found one and the children looked at him kindly. Outside, they hopped about and up and down and I heard them singing out, can I have my Star Wars, give us my Tintin, give it dad, come on, let us have it…as they tripled down the street, joined in a rope of family, school holidays and licorice.

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