This Couple

2019-08-18 12.08.41.jpg

This couple came into my shop but they weren’t walking on our earth. It was cold, freezing, but they weren’t cold.

They seemed to tread a path across some other realm of private joy, with all of tomorrow’s ideas.

They sing. Exclaim. They howl with joy. Call out to each other, did you see this, babe?

Do you want that? You should get it! Get it!

They remember yesterday, and the day before.

Look at this. This is great. This is so funny. They look at each other.

She kneels in art, bending over the books with the most tender attitude. He strides around, invincible. They look for each other.

‘When I was a kid, I looked up and up at books on a shelf. Now I’m that height. We’re going to have shelves. I love cats. This is how we’re going to be. Our kids are going to have books.’ They look at each other.

The shelves, the books, everything, leaning forward, listening in astonishment. The windows change colour.

Winter withdraws, a gracious defeat.


8 thoughts on “This Couple

    1. I loved the way these two thought about what their future would be. May it be so.

      Books and cats. Life is good. After I read this, I dug out my copy of “Cat Lady Chic”, photos and paintings of well-known women (mostly from the ealier part of the 20th century). There was even a photo of Marilyn Monroe with her Siamese kitten, Serafina, taken in 1960. Serafina! Marvellous name. Marvellous photo. I would like to have known Marilyn. And Serafina.

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  1. Eartha Kitt (her real name) was a cat person, too. And Georgia O’Keefe, Patricia Highsmith, Ursula Andress, Anna Pavlova, Colette, Martha Stewart, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Elizabeth Taylor.

    All the best libraries have cats, too. My own Siamese was the occasional “visiting library cat” at my local library when I lived in the USA. A wonderful book written about a library cat is “Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World”, by Vicky Myron and Bret Witter.


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