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Two people came into the bookshop as friends. But they did not leave as friends. This is because of Go Set a Watchman.

One friends has read The Most. The other is admiring and respectful.

They were doing well, swaying about, calling out books they had read, old friends, jovial anecdotes. Reading lists…

Do you remember….

What about that character in…

But Go Set a Watchmen lay in wait. Books can sense readers.

Think, think.

The Admirer admired Go set a Watchman. But Authority straightened up and said:

No. There is too much controversy surrounding that. It should not be here.

They both looked at me. I looked at Harper Lee, because it was her bloody fault.

The Reader repeated: it should not be here.

The doubter said: no? How can you say…?

Because I have a problem with this.

I noted the shelves, the books, become still, amused, eyes thin, listening.

She repeated, I’ve read it. I have a problem with it.

It is frosty in here. The friends look away from each other. Their shoulders make an unforgiving shape. They leave without purchasing anything.

On ya, Harper.


I think there’s just one kind of folks. Folks.

Harper Lee

Sculpture by Riccardo Biavati



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