I’ve got two impatient men out here


A lady visited the shop this morning and stayed mostly with the biographies. She circled around briefly, noting this and that, nodding and looking, but always returned to the biographies. She said, ‘I love them.’

Then she said, ‘I’d stay longer, but I’ve two impatient men out there.’ She wagged her head from side to side and raised her eyes to the roof. She remained looking thoughtfully upward, as though seeing some solution up there.

Then she looked back into the biographies. There was a tap on the window and an urgent face appeared.

She said, ‘Oh damn them.’

She opened the door an inch and stared out, and they stared back. She said, ‘I just told her in there that I’ve got two impatient men out here.’

They jumped back in alarm. One said, ‘Well that’s not true is it. We just want a cup of tea. You go back in there to your books and fancies. Can’t she Frank! Why can’t she do that!

But Frank was not helpful. He had turned away. A cup of tea! He disappeared from view.

She joined them outside, sighing, suffering, and I heard her say, ‘Well, my goodness”, as they continued down the street.





10 thoughts on “I’ve got two impatient men out here

  1. You need a bench out the front with a sign that says “Park your [ husband ] here”. Husband/ wife/ partner/ friend… Anyone impatient, who doesn’t like browsing, whether it be in a bookshop or a craft shop… 😀

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  2. My dentist has a table in the waiting area with a pot of herbal tea on a warmer stand and a stack of reusable cups. Your personal lunch area? Customers could help themselves, and since you’re generous, you won’t mind them sampling your tea. How would the Council know the difference? 😛

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  3. That is a brilliant idea, and customers would live it. But I’m not allowed to serve food or beverages here. It’s a whole different license with a million regulations. I’ve seen what the bakery has to comply with, and I’m glad it’s not me. But I let people eat in here (I sure do) because reading and eating are married, I reckon!

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