Catch you…


Certain people have been visiting my shop for a long time. Nothing will stop them now. In my final days I have had to keep the door locked, and we all stare at each other through the glass. This morning, an old lady came by with her daughter. They were both young once. Now they are themselves. The mother loomed up to the door, looking for me. Her daughter said, ‘She’s not there, mum’. Her mother said, ‘She is. She’s right there.’

And I am there. I come to the door, and we all stare. On the mother’s face, joy blooms.

‘I told you. She’s there.’

I call through the glass, ‘Hello”.

They are delighted.

I call, ‘Did you want a book?’

They both nod. But I know they don’t. (Their gift to me).

I say, ‘I’ve no books left, go away.’

They laugh, delighted.

‘That’s not true.’

The daughter pulls her mother back.

‘Come on’.

The mother, who is kind, is also powerful. Wealthy in the new ancient currency. Kindness.

She looms up to the glass, simple, worried, looking for me.

‘Catch you in better times’, she shouts.

The whole empty aching street, turns, listens.



Written for the both of you who will never know what your visit meant to me.

16 thoughts on “Catch you…

  1. I gather you are shutting up shop…what a shame it has come to this. It has been such a joy to have you and your lovely bookshop in my life and hopefully you will have another bookshop in due course. I, for one, would love it if you would continue your blog so we can all keep in touch with you, your life and your take on reading, authors and books. With love…

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    1. I am closing Glenda, but I WILL be back one day. I am also still available online – through email, text or Facebook – to take orders and queries. I am not officially closing. I hope to be at the shop one day each month with the books people have ordered, which I will pass through the parcel/letter slot under the window. I’ll be a drive through!! You take care xx

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      1. I was hoping you’d say that. I can’t imagine this small town without your bookshop. and hopefully it won’t be too long before we can wander Diagon Alley again and be surprised and elated by the magic wands that jump off the shelves and into our lives. Glad to hear you are still taking orders, and your landlord is a gem!

        And I still think you should write a book. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Priscilla!!! I will keep writing. For these times, I will write from memory. Anybody who came in, and that I can remember, is likely to end up here. Thank you for your kind words xx


  2. I think your commenters above misunderstand. You do plan to open again when the pandemic has passed, yes? I hope that this doesn’t make it financially prohibitive to do do. I love these stories from the future, you living a day ahead of me and across the oceans, giving me all this poetry in prose. Be well, be safe.

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    1. Yes, David – you are right! I am coming back. And in the meantime I am still taking orders. Each month, on one Friday I will be at the shop passing the books through a slot – like a drive through! I’ll do this while it is still safe, after that, I’ll just wait until I can return. My landlord is helping me out here, I am very lucky. Thank you for your attention, and kind words.

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