Robert and the poem

There is a poem called Introspection (by Chris Wallace Crabbe) taped to the wall here. It’s been taped up there for about three years. Today Robert turned around and looked at it, then moved closer and read it all the way through. Out loud.

It starts:

Have you ever seen a mind


It’s like an old cow

Trying to get through the pub door

Carrying a guitar in its mouth;

When Robert got to the word “guitar” he gave a bark of laughter, loud enough to startle a browser on the next shelf.  

He kept on reading out loud, and twice turned around to laugh at me with his eyes shut. He said, ‘That’s good, that’s good.’

When he got to the last line:

It’s harder with a piano.

He barked even more sharply, and I was pleased because I knew that he would. He repeated the last line twice and laughed, high pitched and vibrant and delighted and one man politely left the shop, but Robert didn’t notice.

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