The summer reading list

Your summer reading list should contain a dozen of the best books about the holiday season, relaxation, the summer, warmth, sunlight, wine, evening and song.

Actually this is rubbish. Your summer reading list is whatever you want to read. However, it should not be measured in numbers (of books). This is for the amateur. Real lists are measured in years. It should never be an achievable list (also for the amateurs). It should have a life of its own, wayΒ beyond your control and way ahead of you in knowing what you need.

A reading list is a priceless document. It should remain intact, unconquered, and be passed on to your children.

13 thoughts on “The summer reading list

  1. Real lists are also on the floor, somewhat willy-nilly in the bookshelves, wherever there’s space, actually. Periodically, I look at my list of books to buy, which is a pleasurable pursuit but somewhat frustrating as I haven’t bought them yet. Then I add some more titles. Then I go to The Book Keeper and get caught up, as you do, in even more stuff I haven’t read yet.

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