The pantry

I read all of these books. In one of them, the naughty little sister and Bad Harry go to a party. They find the birthday cake, which has been hidden from the children. Between them, they eat all the cream and the lollies (called sweets) that decorated the cake. I remember there were jelly babies treading through the cream. And silver balls. They ate until they felt ill. Then the mother found them in the pantry. The pleasure of the stolen cake and the jelly babies treading through the cream. The tiny silver lollies in the dark pantry. What was a pantry? Suddenly, when I was seven, I loved pantries.

6 thoughts on “The pantry

  1. “I read all of these books.” English is a cow of a language to learn as a second language, as my English conversation class would tell you. I’m pondering… did you mean you ‘read’ (past tense) them all when you were small, or that you ‘read’ (present tense) them all as they come into your shop. Either is possible given you seem to share my passion for reading anything and everything! And there is a danger to re-reading much loved stories – the mind-pictures when you were small, in all their delightful detail, are sometimes hard to re-create as an adult, leading to a wistful disappointment.

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    1. Hi Maureen, I meant “read” as in the past tense. You are right- I didn’t realize how that would appear. I should have written “I read all of these as a child”. Much clearer. And yes, you are right about the images fading. I am not re- reading them. I was looking at them at home- at the covers. This causes the memories to spark (in full colour). I won’t read them again, although I might read to to Max, Noah, and Finn! 🙂 🙂

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  2. This is so lovely and I remember reading my favorite books as a child and daydreaming about life in a boarding school for hours. It was a trip down a memory lane for sure.

    Enigma 🥰💖

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