The excellent and very precise things we do

I saw and heard three things happen while sitting here in the shop and looking out the door. They all made sense.

A man was walking past the door. He pulled off his mask, but the mask was caught around his sunglasses. He shook the mask madly, and the sunglasses landed on the footpath in front of him, got caught on his foot, and flew across the footpath. He yelled out, ‘Get back here.’

Across the road a bright red car towing a very vintage caravan has stopped. A man has raised the bonnet and is looking at the engine. There’s a bucket and a bottle of something next to his feet. He walks around and speaks to the driver. Then he walks to the back of the car and opens the boot. He pulls out two camping chairs and throws them on the road. The driver looks in the rear vision mirror and then looks back at his phone.  The man at the boot throws a pair of shoes on the road. Then he slams the boot down and goes back and sits in the passenger seat.

A very small boy, about 3, stops outside the shop to look directly up at one of my hanging balloons. He says, Is that a horse?’ His dad, who is eating a roll, says, ‘It might be. You reckon?’ The child nods. It is a horse.

Illustration by Pierre Renollet

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