“Through the windows you could hear the sound of footsteps on the cobbles below and the hiss and whir of bicycles passing in their shoals and drifts; and most of all you could hear the bells that rang unendingly from the town’s many churches, striking not just the hours but the quarter and half hours, so that each segment of time became a seed of silence that then blossomed, filling the air with what what almost seemed a kind of self-description. The conversation of these bells, held back and forth across the rooftops, was continued night and day; its cadences of observation and agreement, its passages of debate, its longer narratives—at Matins and Evensong, for instance, and most of all on Sundays, the repeating summons building and building until it was followed at last by the joyous, deafening exposition—comforted her, she had said…..”

From Kudos by Rachel Cusk
Painting by Herman Pekel

6 thoughts on “Kudos

    1. Isn’t it! I looked up more of his paintings after I found that one. And I don’t know the scene in the painting- it just seemed to fit the passage. Kudos is part of a trilogy, and they’re all wonderful!

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  1. Modern noise is our most insidious, least recognized form of pollution ~ both indoor and outdoor ~ affecting us in many negative ways. This is a pleasant reminder of more ~ literally ~ harmonious times.

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