I have finished Cloudstreet and The Joy Luck Club.

A lady said she had just finished Middlemarch and is now looking for Tess of the D’Urbervilles. She has a collection of classics, lined up side by side and looking good.

Thomas has finished Gangsta Granny and now is looking for Demon Dentist. And Gavin has finished a biography of Jimmy Barnes. Lena has finished Miss Purdy’s Class by Annie Murray which was too confronting. She said the English writers really get down to it.

Jay was disappointed that I had no more from The Order of the Stick series; he said where is Amazon at? They aren’t even doing anything to get the books in. Margaret has finished all of the Alexander McCall Smiths and is sad about it. She was going home to have a cup of tea and some toast.

And I have finished Cloudstreet.  I need a long time to finish thinking about it. I mentioned it to one reader but he said he could not get on well with Tim Winton. He said he just didn’t agree with him. Although the Pickles and the Lambs were ok, sort of.

I thought that I have finished listening to you but I could not quite say it, sort of.

Photography by Clark Young