…delve meansa…


In good company your thoughts run, in solitude your thought is still; it goes deeper and makes for itself a deeper groove, delves. Delve meansa ‘dig with a spade’; it means hard work. In talk your mind can be stretched, widened, exhilarated to heights but it cannot be deepened; you have to deepen it yourself.

It needs sturdiness. You will be lonely, you will be depressed; you must expect it; if you were training your body it would ache and be tired. It is worth it. There is a Hindu proverb which says: ‘You only grow when you are alone’.

 Rumer Godden, Thus far and no further

A couple, grandparents, were choosing books for their family. They decided on Mr Magee and Who Sank the Boat, Hairy Maclary and then The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They were determined to get those grandchildren away from the hand held games…..and try something new!

If you are reading, are you spending time alone? Robert said that yes he is alone, alone with so many thoughts that he usually had to go out and have a smoke to calm down. He picked up two more of the Ainslie Roberts Dreamtime books. He told me that he finds winter difficult.

Don returned, back from New Zealand, a stupendous trip and I would be amazed at how many Maoris there are over there. Then he added that perhaps that’s as it should be…He couldn’t stay as one of his drivers had been attacked when he was away and he had to start work again immediately.

The car park is being dug up; there is a problem with the plumbing. One of the tradesmen came in and said it was his last day and then he had no job anymore. He was looking for The Art of War by some Chinese Guy…

A customer was delighted to find a copy of The Road to Little Dribbling by Bill Bryson and Richard phoned to say that The Rosie Project was a strange book and what did I make of it. I told him that I am reading Maus by Art Spiegelman and nothing feels ok about that either. He asked if he would enjoy it and I told him that it was a graphic novel and he said he’d never heard of them and did it count as a real book.

I said that when it won the Pulitzer prize, many people asked that same question but it was definitely worth a try. Richard is 91 and always ready to try something new.

I was asked to recommend some books for a little boy that won’t read and I said I would recommend whatever he chooses. He chose Geronimo Stilton: Lost Treasure of the Emerald Eye, Star Wars: The Junior Edition and Captain Underpants and finally Dragon Blood Pirates: Death Diamond. He was told however, that none of these were suitable and so they left sadly because the little boy does not read.

Dylan said he is lost in the Robert Jordan Series. He only has 2 more to collect of the whole series and he said that these books made up for his being bullied at school so much.

An older couple spend 45 minutes telling me how they found a photo of their grandfather on the internet.

Everybody, it seems to me, is digging as deep as they can.