Ebb and Flow

Ebb and Flow by Alison Bell (3).jpg

There are two children in the playground here.
Two children on a metal whirler with bars for hands and bars for feet and around they go. A girl and a boy, he’s smaller. But with a hoop and a swoop that child was down and it was a beautiful down.
There he lay, stretched out soft as cotton across the bark chips.
His sister kept spinning. And singing. She swirled her spinney hair in patterns, first one way, then the other and her brother watched. Then he stood up and said, let me. She said, it’s my moon.
She swirled three more times for authority, then another and another and he waited round and round patiently round.
Then she stopped and allowed him on. They whirled together, locked eyes, orbits on, leaning back, caught in roundy rings and sibling hoopy blur.

Sculpture ‘Ebb and Flow’ by Alison Bell

Rex’s Gate


Rex visited the shop today and told me about his gate. He made this gate for his grandchildren, of which there will soon be ten. The gate is the entrance to the playground, and he made this too.

The gate is the only entrance to The Playground, and even though the playground is not actually fenced, the grandchildren always line up and enter carefully through the gate. The gate is then available to swing on because this is the second best way to use a gate!