There aren’t enough books to keep up…


A child reader told me this on Saturday morning, sadly, because the Pippi Longstockings had run out and she had finished Tarka the Otter and The Magic Faraways, all of them, and there were no more Dork Diaries, but there should be and so what is there now…..

She leaned against the shelf, thinking with every ounce of herself about where to go next…and her young mother leaned into the chair and read some news on her phone that was very interesting.

This child thought she might have a go at the Skulduggeries but doubted that they would be any good. She though that The Twilights were ok…

She had read Ballet Shoes and Tom’s Midnight Garden and The Incredible Journey, and I asked her where she found these books and she said: at school.

I offered her some popular choices and she was polite but not enthusiastic. After a long time she chose The Wheel on the School by Meindert DeJong  and told me that this book smelled nice and most of the others don’t so she would choose this one.


Sculpture by Valarie Hadida