…even the dictionary….



He came into the shop, he bowed slightly and he asked for Elizabeth Moon and Gene Wolfe. But he stayed on to tell me that he has just moved house, is on his own now and trying hard to turn his house into a home and for that he needed books. His ex-partner had stolen all of his metaphysical books…….

His wife though…..she has died… but they once had had a house with the entire second storey filled with books and there were bookshelves on the stairs. He demonstrated for me how he used to reach for a book while climbing the stairs.

He originally grew up in a market garden with a kerosene lamp for the evenings and there was a wall of books there. And in there somewhere was a copy of the Greek Gods and…you know… all those heroes that used to fight them, take out their eyes and all of that. Well, he never stopped reading since then and those books (which were his grandmothers) started it all off. And since then he has also thought that he wouldn’t mind having a go at reading everything and that includes the dictionaries! Then he told me that he was in love with Judi Dench but not to tell her. He thanked me and bowed again as he left.