Well, I’ll be!


A man came to the shop today for a copy of The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. He said he expected there won’t be many people buying books these days with the kindle and everything. Especially with young people not being able to read or anything.

I said that young people purchase and read the most books out of any other group that visit me here.

He looked pleased and he said: well I’ll be!

Then he asked about the eBook…don’t the young people all use screens, and I said, perhaps not all of them, that many young people just read anyway they can…

He said: Well I’ll be!

He thought this was the greatest news ever. I told him that many young people were avid collectors of beautiful books and were not put off (yet) by the small print that defeats the eyesight of many older readers.

He said: Well, listen to that!

Once a young reader told me that her set of twilights with the red pages was the nicest thing she owned. She placed them on her shelf with the red pages facing outward and it was like a magic garden or something.

He leaned backwards in surprise and said: Well, I’ll be!


Preston Pownell

Dion comes to visit my bookshop every day – although he is not well, and possibly  never will be. He no longer works. He loves films. He bought a copy of Twilight and has not yet left the first page, but he visits to check that the second volume is available should he ever need it.

He is very loyal to me and my shop, and every day checks to see that I am well, even though he is not. His few books that he owns are essential to him. He is always concerned for me because he thinks that I don’t get many customers, but he is not concerned for his own devastating health problems. He says that Twilight is the best writing about vampires there is and is always eager to talk about it, carrying the book everywhere with the bookmark always in page one. He is always laughs at my humble jokes.

Photography by Preston Pownell