Take the History Test


Test Paper II
(Up to the end of Henry III)

1. Give the dates of at least two of the following
(1) William the conqueror
(2) 1066

2. What is a Plantagenet? Do you agree?

3. Trace by means of graphs, etc
(1) The incidence of scurvy in the Chiltern Hundreds during the reign of Rufus.
(2) The bosom of the pope. ( Squared paper, compasses etc may be used. )

4. Expostulate (chiefly) on
(a) The Curfew
(b) Gray’s Energy in the Country Churchyard

5. Estimate the size of
(1) Little Arthur
(2) Friar Puck
(3) Magna Carter

6. Fill in the names of at least some of the following:
(3) Simon de Montfort

7. King John had no redeeming features. (Illustrate)

8. Arrange in this order:
(1) Henry I
(2) Henry II
(3) Henry III
( Do not attempt to answer more than once. )

9. (a) How far did the Lords Repellent drive Henry III into the arms of Pedro the Cruel? (Protractors may not be used.)
(b) Matilda or Maud? ( Write on one side of the paper only.)

10. How would you dispose of:
(a) A Papal Bull
(b) Your nephews?
(c) Your mother? ( Be brutal.)

11. Which would you rather be?
(1) The Sheriff of Nottingham
(2) A Weak King?
(3) Put to the sword?

from 1066 And All That: a Memorable History of England
by Sellar and Yeatmen

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