I think that these books are picking me out.


Now it is winter and the wind is cold. But there is no rain. Visitors to the shop remind me sternly that there has been no rain.

But there are leaves, simply everywhere and gathering in noisy droves in my doorway. Visitors open the door and say: sorry about the leaves. Yvonne said: blast these leaves, the nuisances.

There is a small girl and her glasses are faulty, one arm is loose and they slide and swing and she must adjust them every few seconds. But she is not minding this – she is telling me about Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism and these books are ABOUT MOLLY and she is an orphan who can hypnotise people. She is magic.

This little girl breathes and remembers with her eyes shut and her glasses slipping and falling, that Molly Moon defeats a bank robber. She says that she picked the Molly books once in the library but when she tells me her story she says by accident that the Molly Moon books picked her out when she was at the library and just went past the shelves.

Photography by Florian Bernhardt


4 thoughts on “I think that these books are picking me out.

  1. Has been dry here (but not today) and very hot, so the door to the bookshop has been open… But, like you we have leaves in the doorway and they blow into the shop, along with old bus tickets, till receipts, sweet wrappers and crisp packets… I go to the shop to get away from housework, and find myself sweeping the floor!

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