Licking the Door


On Thursday morning there was a little girl standing at my door and not coming in. She could see the wooden cat in the window and she sang: cat cat cat the cat. But her mother, laden with toddler, pram, baby, groceries and the rest of their life said: not today.

So, this little girl licked the glass of the door, the good thick glass, icy cold with the cold day and she stood with one foot flat and one pointed and her chin to the sky and eyes closed and tasted the glass of everything until her mother said: Oh God, stop it, stop licking the glass, quick,  come away.

The little girl with both eyes still closed had to correct her mother. She said: it’s not glass, it’s lollies.


5 thoughts on “Licking the Door

  1. That’s both very sweet to see a child with such imagination and worrying because aside from what’s on people’s hands, the chemicals in glass cleaner can’t be any good for her! It was a very cute until I fell into ‘mum mode’ though!!


  2. I completely understand your concerns, but I can tell you she was so small that where she stood no hands touch the glass and I clean it daily anyway using a water and white vinegar spray that I make myself. Luckily though, most children do not do this!

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