A small business surviving

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Just a note to thank everyone around me who sends people my way. I can’t afford to advertise, so word of mouth it is.

Small businesses don’t survive so well anywhere these days – but everyone who drops in on a visit here, tells me it’s precisely because of the small businesses in Strathalbyn that they come.

And of course books are supposed to be “on the way out”. But books are always on the way out, or at least on the way somewhere (in people’s arms). And young writers everywhere are writing madly. And reading.

So, it’s worth staying on in a micro business that means no profit but endless joy. Not that hard to keep going!

And thank you to everyone who reads my stories. At first I was just writing them for myself – because I didn’t want to forget the people who came to the shop. But now, when there is something important to capture in writing, I am excited to tell everyone – look at this!!

Readers, and what they do – so astonishing to me. I am glad I am not alone.

25 thoughts on “A small business surviving

  1. One day I’ll come visit you myself which I’m next in SA.

    I don’t think anyone really believes books are on the way out, btw. They might be juggling for attention but they will always exist I’m sure (well, for a long time to come yet – past my lifetime.)

    Keep sharing your stories. I understand your reason for starting this blog – and why you’ve continued.

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    1. Thank you and thank you – and YES, do visit. The thing is, Strathalbyn actually has two bookshops. Most of the nearby towns have none! So we are really lucky. The other shop is just around the corner from me – Jeff’s Books is run by Caitlyn, and she’s on Facebook but not on WordPress. So you can visit both shops AND the bakery!


    1. I’d not noticed that, Maureen. I just posted, and WordPress says I did that at 8:59am! I actually did it at around 7:30pm Adelaide time. Looks like WordPress uses Greenwich Mean Time as the time difference fits.

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      1. My guess is that BookKeeper hasn’t set her timezone to Adelaide time? My WordPress blog is set to Sydney time, so, for example, I recently had a comment from someone in the Netherlands timestamped 12.20am. I think that was 12.20am Sydney time. I don’t think she posted it at 12.20am her time.

        I don’t believe I wrote my fist comment on this post at 6.01am. I was in bed then.

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  2. Your bookshop is irresistible. Glad you’re still there and that people still come in to browse and buy, even if some visitors to the town think you’re the bakery.

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  3. I genuinely enjoy reading your stories and imagine that if I lived in your part of the world I would be spending time in your book shop browsing and buying books ( – well, maybe not at this moment when my budget won’t allow it but……OTHERwise!)

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  4. Your little store is the backbone of your country. I don’t know what country you’re from but I assure you, without people like you the country would fail. Places like Amazon are soulless. People like you are priceless.

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